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Mahogany lumber

Genuine Mahogany

 Swietenia macrophylla
Other Name(s):  Genuine Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany, Bolivian Mahogany.
Distribution: Central and South America
Heartwood color varies from a pinkish to light and dark brown.  Flat sawn lumber shows a prominent growth ring figure.  Dark color gum or white color deposits commonly form in the pores.  Moderately good steam bending properties
Working Properties:
Can be worked easily with power or hand tools if kept sharpened.  Easy to glue and takes nails and screws well.  Stains and polishes very well.
High-end furniture, boat building, interior molding, cabinetmaking, caskets, pianos, etc.
Sapwood is liable to attack by powder post beetles.  Heartwood is durable and extremely resistant to preservative treatment

Millwork also available.

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