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Plantation teak flooring has a beautiful rustic look and feel.
plantationfloor1Teak is normally reserved for projects where capital is a bit more liberal.  Due to the nature of teak, it is not always a cost effective way to go with many projects.

Not anymore!

Plantation teak flooring is both affordable and pleasing to the eye.  Of course, let us not overlook the environmental aspects of a species which is farm raised for the sole purpose of distribution.

St. Angelo Hardwoods produces plantation teak flooring stateside in our Tiverton, RI facility.  All flooring is custom made to your specifications.  Sizes range as follows:


1/2″ -3/4″


1″ – 9″ face size


6′ to 10′  mixed

Lengths are straight mill run and are not end-matched.

If you have further questions, we have provided a comments section below.  We will try to answer promptly.  Who knows if someone has the same question as you and you helped them out as well as yourself just by asking?


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