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5% discount with “I Voted” sticker!

November 03, 2014 − by St. Angelo Hardwoods, Inc. − in Uncategorized − No Comments

We have a special process in this country which gives us the opportunity to choose which people are best suited to run the country.  Not our lives, but the well-being of these great United States of America.

Our country has never been more divided on so many issues.  This is mainly because this country has never had a complete lack of leadership like we have today.

Please get out and vote on Tuesday, November 4th!

You do and can make a difference.

We will show our appreciation to you by offering a 5% discount from your total invoice on November 4th only.  All you have to do is show us your “I Voted” sticker that you receive at your polling station.

Thank you and God bless the United States of America.

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