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Caribbean Heart Pine for Treads

October 27, 2013 − by St. Angelo Hardwoods, Inc. − in News − No Comments

Caribbean Heart Pine for Treads


CHP TreadsOur line of Caribbean Heart Pine Flooring has been a success.  Houses and commercial properties across the United States now enjoy the classic and yet classy look and feel of heart pine flooring.

Throughout the process of marketing and eventually developing the market, one question has plagued us from the beginning.


“Do you have stair treads?”


“Why not?”

Good question.  One question we could never seem to answer, at least with any kind of knowledge of why we didn’t carry treads.

Well, we still do not carry stair treads in heart pine but we have the next best thing.  We now have rough sawn 5/4 x 10” stock to make treads.

Fact is, if we bring in pre-made treads it would actually cost our customers more money.  We would have to purchase 60” treads in order to accommodate the majority of sizes.  Even with that, some want larger treads and we wouldn’t be able to help with a 60” tread.  Research shows it would be more beneficial to our customers to have their contractor make the treads to fit their needs.

Although it doesn’t look like much in the rough, in the hands of a skilled craftsman, they chp1become a thing of beauty that will wonderfully compliment your new heart pine floors.

The rough sawn stock has the same qualities as the flooring.  Why wouldn’t it?  After all, that is the same material which the flooring is made.

Thickness of the 5/4 material is quite generous.  The rough sawn thickness ranges from 1 ¼” to 1 ½”.  You can thank the sawyer for that.

Widths can be less predictable.  The 10” width can run anywhere from 9 ½” to 10 ½” rough sawn.  The best yield to figure for use would be 9” from a 10” board.  You can thank the sawyer for that too.

We are available to deal directly with millwork companies or contractors to make any project complete.

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