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Herreshoff Launch 40

Introducing the Herreshoff Launch 40.   Don't be selfish...FacebookTwitteremailLinkedin

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What’s up with the color of my Teak Lumber?

Color Variations in Teak Suppliers of teak are often asked to explain the wide variations of coloring in teak lumber, flooring and decking usually right after it has been freshly machined. Customers have come to expect the familiar golden-brown shade that teak joinery and flooring acquire after long periods of

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5% discount with “I Voted” sticker!

We have a special process in this country which gives us the opportunity to choose which people are best suited to run the country.  Not our lives, but the well-being of these great United States of America. Our country has never been more divided on so many issues.  This is

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Time to think about what the Holidays mean to us

The Holiday season is upon us.  We have been reminded of this through the saturation of commercialism in our lives.  Maybe tomorrow, we’ll start to see Valentine’s Day commercials.  Who knows? All of us at St. Angelo Hardwoods, Inc. would like to thank all of our customers for their continued

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Rumors in the Teak Lumber market

Rumors in the Teak Lumber Market – Part 1   There are plenty of rumors about the teak market.  Will supply last?  Will there be a ban on logs?  Is Myanmar going to ship direct?  Will prices be cheaper direct from Myanmar?  Is quality going down?  Can I import direct? 

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