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View a list of hardwood lumber specials including teak, mahogany , walnut, etc.

Special Lumber offers at St. Angelo Hardwoods




Specials By the bundle


Below we list specials that are either overstock or close-out items.  We try to keep this page up to date but sometimes it gets away from us.

Some specials may have been sold and are no longer available at the time of your inquiry.


1 x 8 Cambia Poplar
Thermally Modified

1647 LF  13-15′
3.75/LF (500 LF min.)
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1 x 6 Cambia T&G siding
Thermally Modified

4100 LF 11-15′
2.45/LF  (1000 LF min.)
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5/4 x 6 Cambia
Thermally Modified

1900 LF  12-16′
3.65/LF  (500 LF min.)
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5/4 Caribbean Heart Pine

5/4 x 8″ x 14-16′
Rustic Grade
$2.38/BF  (1000 BF minimum)

5/4 Sipo/Utile

5/4 x 4-7″ x 8-10′
$3.65/BF  (250 BF minimum)

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