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Teak Lumber Bundles

Teak Lumber

Tectona grandis
Other Name(s):  Asian teak, Burma teak, tekku, tadi
Distribution: S.E. Asia, Burma, India
True teak of Burma is uniform in color ranging from light to dark brown.  Darker brown streaks are present in most specimens.
Teak is a hard, medium density wood with a high crushing strength.
When milled, teak appears to have multiple colors from green to red with a prominent blotchy appearance.  This is normal.  The color will tan to a nice brown over time.
Working Properties:
Severe blunting effect on cutter edges.  Carbide cutters are recommended.  Pre-drilling is necessary for both nails and screws.  Stains and takes a finish well
High-end furniture, boat building, interior molding, cabinetmaking, caskets, outdoor garden furniture, chemical vats, laboratory benches, etc. (teak is acid resistant)
Very durable.  Extremely resistant to preservative treatment

Older, more mature teak wood having grown slowly in natural forests, which goes for a very attractive price, is more durable and self-sustaining, whereas the younger teak timber harvested on plantations, not having as many annular rings, is weaker and prone to splitting and warping from water damage.


St. Angelo Hardwoods stocks many different sizes of rough sawn teak lumber.

4/4 thru 16/4 x 6″ up x 6′ up

As wide as 22″ and as long as 22′










Quality assurance.  Make sure your teak is stamped by St. Angelo Hardwoods, Inc.


Quarter Sawn 8/4 teak is here!

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