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Welcome to St. Angelo Hardwoods

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Thank you for visiting our newly remodeled site.  The idea was to keep it simple and informative without all of the flash and useless lights, buttons and background sound which seems to make visiting more stressful and unappealing.

Of course the purpose of any website is to allow people to view a product or a certain type of information.  For instance, if you are looking for teak lumber or decking, we want you to visit us.  If you are looking for mahogany, flooring or any other imported hardwood species, we want you to visit us.  Many other companies sell hardwood lumber, but again, we want you to visit us.

We encourage all to look through the site thoroughly and pick up on things you like or don’t like.  Let us know.  (be polite please) We will make changes according to your feedback.

There are options throughout the site to give you the ability to share any page, post or comment to social media or email.  We encourage you to share via social media.  The more people that get involved the better our site will become.  There is an option on each page which allows you to go to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Give us a “like” or “follow” us on twitter.  As new articles or comments are posted, it will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages and you will be updated.

We also encourage you to participate in any discussion.  It will be great to hear different ideas and opinions of our customers.

Again, the idea of this website is to be clean, clear and simple.  Please enjoy!

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